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PostSubject: Departure Speach   Departure Speach EmptyTue May 28, 2013 11:54 pm

Well brothers and sisters, This is where I must bid you all farewell. Its been a pleasure and an honor being among you all. In a way you are all like family to me. From this day forth, your new Alpha is Leha Merze. I believe she has what it takes to lead you all. Before I go however I have a few last words to say. The most important of them is this. The pack is family. As a family, it dose not matter how many people are with us, but that we stick together to the end. Someone came to me once and said that we should merge with another pack. I say this. You would have us, lay down what we have made here, let an unknown Alpha lead us and put aside what we know all for the sake of gaining members? We are strong, when united and united we stand. Now I believe Leah understands this more than most of you, but that does not mean I don't trust you all. One day I hope to return, and hopefully when I do, I will come back to a thriving family, sticking together. Be strong my friends. For all of us Smile

Most of all, I must thanks Nellie for being here for me, along with Leah, and many others. Without your support and help, I could not have honestly made it this far. Thus, I would like to have the chnace to thank you now. Nellie and Leah have in many ways contributed a lot to helping me run this pack. I believe out of all of us, even more than me, those two have put the most effort in holding us together.

Running Dreams, I personally thank you once again and always for being here with me as my friend. You have stuck with me through everything. From insane ideas to even the best ones and no one could ask for more than that. At heart you are a true friend.

And to the rest of you out there, I thank you all for becoming a part of this family. For making it what it is and accepting each other for who you are. I have never been so proud of anyone in my life, but for what we accomplished here together, I am, and will always be proud to be your Alpha.

Goodbye and live long my friends Smile Now I trust you to hold this family together Smile
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Departure Speach
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