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     Sweet Home

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    Nellie Diamond
    Nellie Diamond

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    Sweet Home  Empty
    PostSubject: Sweet Home    Sweet Home  EmptySat May 18, 2013 6:50 pm

    1year  later

    A lot has happened to us throughout year. 

    The enemy that was after our alpha was terminated after 2 months after I left.  Leah had mind linked me to come back and help them out. It was nice seeing Leah and te pack again. Even though I missed them everyday I know I had a duty and I needed to full full it. Before leah goes to sleep she always mind links me on the update of the pack and what she did during the day. There are times when i might mind link her. But i keep what i do with the group is hidden from everybody and i will keep it hidden.
    I had bought my new friend rachel and stefan for the fight. Since I accepted the elite group I have learned so much and have advanced in my fighting skill. I am the most feared warrior know. I have came closed to all the group members especially rachel we have gone shopping in numerous cities.  

    The tattoo on my arm has grew alot consisting with the others symbols and there is the same as well. We have trained everyday and in the beginning it was hard and tiring but I soon enough went to perfect the routine. After that we have been going on missions and I love it being sneaky was fun and the cars were fast.  

    From what I have heard the pack has moved back into the pack house and their individual cabins. Everything is still the same from what I have been told. Leah has been keeping my cabin and taking care of it for me. I hope she likes the present I bought her.  

    I am currently in a car right know heading back to the pack house after a year. We were instructed to use the mind link if necessary, one thing I learned about them that they are always there for each other.   

    In a year I have changed a lot. My hair is brown know with my natural loose curls. At the moment I am wearing a Chanel dress which is white and I an wearing chanel sunglasses as well.  

    I realse te breath that I have been holding once I have turned to the dirt road. I haven't told Leah I am coming back home today. As I park my car in front of the pack house.  I close the engine of the car and get out and head to the pack house door. I open it and enter the house and I yell LEAH I AM HOME..... I smile and wait for to come and tackle me to death. 
    Suddenly I hear footstep running toward the stairs....
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    Sweet Home
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